Lovi Poe Marks Debut Via Concert

Article excerpt

Not having the first dance with his father, the late Fernando Poe Jr., is the reason rising pop star and actress Lovi is not having a debut party. Painful for any debutante not to have a father on their coming-out party, she instead will celebrate her birthday via her first major concert entitled "It's Gonna Be Love" on Feb. 11 at the Teatrino in Promenade, Greenhills.

"I've always wanted a debut but thinking na wala akong first dance, hindi na lang," she said. "Instead of having a debut party, I thought of holding a concert because singing is one of the serious things that I really want to do and I'm doing that on my birthday."

Though she'll be working on her birthday, and feeling the same things debutantes do --with nervousness but looking forward to it with excitement and with hope of meeting her audience's expectations. The experience may be the same, but after that things won't be the same anymore as she would be stepping into womanhood and as a solo concert performer.

What to expect too is for her concert's ambiance to be full of love. She'll be singing love songs all the way but the plan is to divide it in three segments, Lovi as the teen pop star, as a lounge singer and as a "teen diva." And some of the songs she might render her audience are songs from her album "The Best of My Heart" such as "Dreaming of You" and "Kung Pwede Lang," Mandy Moore's "It's Gonna Be Love" and "I Wanna Be With You," Evanescence's "My Immortal" and Norah Jone's "Don't Know Why" to mention a few. Her show will be directed by Ogie Alcasid who's also her special guest.

Because this is a milestone in her showbiz career, Lovi who's a fourth year graduating high school student at the Colegio de San Agustin at the same time busy with her soap opera "Bakekang," makes sure that she has ample time for rehearsals.

So what's her point of view about turning 18?

"I think it's time for maturity. Actually when I joined the business I grew up faster. When I turn 18 it means I'm a grown-up already," she smiled.

Turning 18 though is not a free pass to have a boyfriend. According to her manager Leo Dominguez, she promised him that she won't have a boyfriend until she's 27 years old!

"When I was young I have kilig moments thinking about that. But when you grow up you realize that there's so much more to life than having a boyfriend. That's why I'm not focused at having a boyfriend. I'm really focusing on my studies and career," she said.

So how about Cogie Domingo then, his co-star in "Bakekang" who's rumored to be enamored with her?

"We're not together. We're really good friends. Right now I realized it's not yet the right time to have a boyfriend. Cogie and I know naman that we're close but then we're not yet at the stage of calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend," she explained. …