Unremorseful Plea; We Must Never Forget That If the War in Vietnam Is Lost.The Right of Free Speech Will Be Extinguished throughout the World. -- Richard M. Nixon

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Byline: Adrian E. Cristobal

IN his State-of-the-Union Address before a Democratic Congress, President George W. Bush appealed to Democrats and his fellow Republicans to support his strategy for the war in Iraq which was neither new nor strategic.

In his appeal, Mr. Bush reminded his countrymen: "We went into this (the Iraq war) largely united in our assumptions and convictions. And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure."

He's right about the assumptions to the extent that Americans were so shocked by 9/11 that there was an immediate outcry for bringing Osama bin Laden and his terrorists to justice.

Unable to find Bin Laden, Bush and his war hawks set their sights on Iraq, "discovered" not only Saddam Hussein's link to Bin Laden but also his store of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). That the discoveries had their skeptics did not stop Bush from going it alone, albeit with "the coalition of the willing."

The invasion of Iraq was justified in two ways: Liberating the Iraqis from Saddam's "satanic rule" and spreading democracy throughout the Middle East. …