Rt. 64/randall Road Work to End by Fall, Officials Say Road Construction Project Remains on Schedule

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Byline: Josh Stockinger Daily Herald Staff Writer

Here's a little news that might help St. Charles drivers wash down the aspirin:

The headache that is the Route 64/Randall Road reconstruction project is on schedule and should be complete this fall, officials said Wednesday.

"I know it's difficult to see the optimistic side of the construction and what it's going to look like at the end of the day," said Economic Development Coordinator Theresa Fawcett at a project open house for business owners and residents. "We appreciate your patience."

Since last August, motorists have experienced delays as workers began the multimillion-dollar project to widen and resurface the intersection from each direction.

The area also has become known for accidents, and businesses continue to deal with limited access to their drives.

Peter Sathissarat, resident engineer for the project, reported Wednesday that - despite some initial delays - contractors are well into the second phase of construction and plan to be done this year.

So far, workers have completed construction of a pedestrian underpass at Dean Street and Red Haw Lane, built a detention basin on the west side of Randall Road and made significant progress on the widening, Sathissarat said. …