Software Alliance Corp. Upgrades It System for Risk Management

Article excerpt

Software Alliance Corp. announced this week that it has released a significantly upgraded version of its risk management software for banks.

The software, called Radar, is a decision support tool that a number of large banks, including Chemical Bank, Credit Suisse, and Great Western Bank, have installed in the asset/liability management areas to better forecast the impact of interest rate swings.

Software Alliance officials said the new version of Radar has been modified to handle a variety of performance measurement activities at banks, including transfer pricing (where interest rate risk can be allocated to specific business lines); business unit and product profitability modeling, strategic planning, derivatives credit exposure analysis, product design, and merger analysis.

"We have been known in the past for an excellent asset/liability software package, [while] all along it had been designed to be much broader," said Alan Tobey, a product manager at Software Alliance. "Now we are delivering those capabilities in the new version."

Berkeley, Calif.-based Software Alliance is not alone in expanding the horizons of asset/liability software.

Competitors Sendero Corp., Scottsdale, Ariz., and Santa Monica, Calif.-based Treasury Services Inc. have also moved into the profitability measurement arena, a discipline that has become a hot topic in banking circles.

But Mr. Tobey said that Radar is unique in that the same data base is used for many different kinds-of risk analysis.

"One of the things Treasury Services does. …