Best Buys: Artificial Intelligence

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THE line between technology and toys seems to blurring more than ever judging by the showcase of kit at the recent London Toy Fair.

The Artificial Intelligence, fluidity of movement and performance of the items on display was truly staggering.

Just a couple of years ago this level of manufacture and product development was the stuff of fiction, yet during 2007 we'll all be able to have a piece of the future in our homes.

Okay, so we're not talking about the great robot revolution - they won't be taking over daily mundane tasks just yet - but they'll certainly entertain us.

Spyke -due autumn, see

This "spy-bot" lurks around the house keeping an eye out for wayward actions.

It comes complete with built-in Wi-Fi, a video camera, microphone, loudspeaker and two motors so he can move around, take pictures, record video and sound AND even act as an internet phone and webcam so, by using any PC, you can scream at the kids for not doing their homework when you're out.

RoboPanda - duesummer, see

If you are on your 100th-plus telling of your kids favourite book, the RoboPanda could help save your sanity.

Loaded with all manner of tales, he'll help get the nippers off to sleep, and the big softie emits gentle oohs and ahhs as he cuddles up to his soft toy companion.

Best of all you've no need to worry about sourcing bamboo shoots - just AA batteries.

Ugobe Pleo - due in April, see

You just won't believe how utterly amazing this baby dinosaur can be. From the moment you switch it on you've got yourself a prehistoric plaything to nurture from the moment his eyes open. …