Victim Left for Dead

Article excerpt

Byline: By Anna Hammond South Wales Echo

A man was fighting for his life today after being robbed in a city street.

Joey Dunlop, 59, from Grangetown, Cardiff, was left for dead in the middle of the road with severe head injuries.

He was found covered in blood and unconscious by a shift-worker at 6.20am yesterday. Man is left for dead after street robbery: A man was left for dead in a city street after a violent street robbery.

Joey Dunlop, 59, is critically ill at the high dependency unit at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, with severe head and facial injuries.

His injuries were so bad police thought he might have been knocked over by a car but that has now been ruled out because his personal possessions are missing and he had few injuries to the rest of his body.

But mystery still surrounds why Mr Dunlop was in Pentre Gardens, Grangetown, Cardiff, a mile from his flat in Channel View Road, Grangetown, early yesterday morning.

Detectives are trying to trace friends or family to let them know what has happened and also to piece together his movements before he was robbed.

Wearing jeans and a fleece jacket, his battered and bloodied body was found at about 6.20am yesterday in the middle of the road by a 37-year-old shift-worker on his way home.

The man's brother said: 'He was smothered in blood. My brother is shook up like hell. He presumed he was dead.'

It is thought a weapon could have been used on Mr Dunlop or he might have been kicked while on the floor.

Whoever attacked Mr Dunlop is likely to have fled the scene in a hurry, possibly with blood on them.

Acting Detective Inspector Dorian Lloyd said: 'The circumstances in which he was found indicate he was the victim of a robbery.

'We don't know how long he had been lying there unconscious but you would hope that the first person to come across him would phone the police so you could presume he had not been there that long. But of course we need anyone who was in Pentre Gardens yesterday morning to come forward.

'We know very little about Mr Dunlop and would appeal for anyone who knows him to contact us.

'We need to know why he was in Pentre Gardens at this time.'

An incident room has been set up at Fairwater police station where a team of about 30 police officers are working on the investigation. …