Army Careers

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The Army's military occupational specialties are divided into broad categories that include the enlisted career-management fields, warrant officer career branches and officer career branches, plus officer and medical functional areas. As the Army changes, career categories evolve and new career specialties emerge.

Administrative Support

Specialties include clerical and supervisory activities in personnel, administration, finance, accounting and information services."

* Records administration

* Religious-support specialists

* Personnel and recruiting

* Supply and logistics

Arts and Media

Specialties include the conduct of civil affairs and communication of the Army's message to military and civilian audiences.

* Broadcast and print reporters

* Visual-information specialties

* Musicians

* Civil affairs


Specialties in offensive- and defensive-combat activities also include reconnaissance and security. Most of these MOSs are closed to women. Major fields include."

* Artillery

* Air defense

* Chemical specialties

* Ordnance

* Combat aviation

* Combat engineers

* Infantry

* Divers

* Armor

* Special forces

* Tactical-center operations

Computers and Technology

Specialties requiring science and technical training include equipment operations and maintenance, laboratory testing and data interpretation."

* Electronics maintenance and operations

* Computer-systems specialists

* Imagery interpretation

* Systems installers and maintainers

Construction Engineering

Specialties include technical development, building and road construction, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. …