The Medieval Fair

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A year's activity in art and music, as well as in other subject areas, culminated in a medieval fair. Students learned about literature, art, music and the social hierarchy of the time through their participation. They earned positions in the kingdom through good behavior and pro gressed from peasants to royalty.

Each classroom chose a guild that represented specific academic skills or aspects of the medieval world, such as fables, spelling, neatness, knights, castles, weaponry and creative writing. Classes strove for excellence within their guild areas. Each guild was represented by a banner at the opening ceremony of the fair.

Research and


The year-long project started with a study of lifestyles and hierarchy. Students viewed pictures and films about social levels in medieval times, then drew an image of someone from that time in the clothing that person wore, the place in which that person lived and the manner in which that person lived.

Each student made a representation of someone from the Middle Ages. Primary students made finger puppets and intermediate students made paper dolls. Then, they created outfits for their characters.

Medieval Art Forms

Our study of medieval art forms covered stained glass, heraldry, shields, banners and mosaics. Students learned about the guild's function and the role of the artist in the Middle Ages. …