Trio Brings Wit, Humor to Late-Night Metropolis

Article excerpt

Byline: Eileen O. Daday Daily Herald Correspondent

The adage, "If It Bleeds, It Leads," takes on new meaning at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in downtown Arlington Heights.

In this case, a trio of comediennes - who call themselves the Triplettes - have adopted the phrase to capture the driving pace of their late-night comedy show.

The show is the latest in the After Dark Comedy Series, taking place at 10 p.m. Saturdays through March 10. Tickets are $15. Metropolis officials stress that the show is rated "R" for adult content, and anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

"When we created the After Dark Series last year, we were really going after the twenty-something market," said Tim Rater, Metropolis executive director. "With all the different restaurants and bars in downtown Arlington Heights, we felt a 10 p.m. show on a Saturday night with edgier material was a natural fit.

"We found out we were right - sort of," Rater added. "The After Dark Series does draw the twenty-something crowd, but it also has a strong following with patrons of all ages all the way into their 60s, which is fantastic."

The Triplettes include Northwestern University alumnae Rebecca Fox, Heather Simms and Laura Grey, all of Chicago.

"It's sketch comedy, so the scenes tend to be thematic," Simms said. "They are all pretty much driven by ideas we got from the media and from consumerism. …