I DO..MORE CHORES; Women Do 5 Hours More Housework after Marriage Men Do 2 Hours Fewer

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Byline: By Mark McGivern

MILLIONS of women say "I do" to hours of extra housework when they marry, according to a study released yesterday

But married men end up doing far less round the house than when they were single.

Experts say that, for the average British woman, life as part of a couple means more time spent on household chores.

Single women in Britain spend an average of 10 hours a week on housework, while single men only spend seven hours a week on domestic chores.

But as soon as couples wed, women's time on housework increases dramatically to an average of 15 hours a week, while men see time spent on cleaning fall to five hours a week.

However, women's willingness to do domestic drudgery could hamper them when it comes to breaking through the glass ceiling at work, say experts.

The findings were revealed in research published by the Royal Economic Society in London.

Helene Couprie, an economist at Toulouse University in France, used data taken from the British household panel survey for the study.

She said inequalities in the home could promote the same gender differences at work.

Couprie added: "The division of labour within families may explain the influence of household inequalities on gender inequalities in the workplace. …