Great Paperbacks to Be Won; BOOK REVIEWS Weekend Competition

Article excerpt

Weekend has teamed up with the organisers of World Book Day to offer 15 readers a set of four paperbacks, each worth pounds 29.

Now in its tenth year, World Book Day, which takes place on March 1, is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK.

There are dozens of events planned around the Midlands to mark the event and a new initiative is also being launched: Books for Hospitals.

The idea is to encourage bookshop customers around the country to buy an extra book to donate to a local hospital each time they purchase one for themselves.

For every ten books donated by the public, the participating bookshop will donate one further book.

Weekend has teamed up with Little, Brown publishers to offer readers the chance to win pounds 435 of books it has selected to celebrate the literary event.

The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve tells the story of Kath-ryn Lyons, who has to cope with not only the death of her husband in a fatal crash but disturbing rumours about the man she loved. She sets off to find out if she ever really knew the man who was her husband. …