Mixed Views on an Age Limit for Books; DVDs AND Computer Games Have an Age Limit System Forbidding Younger Children and Teenagers to See Those Containing a Lot of Swearing or Scenes of Violence or Sex, but There Has Never Been a Similar System for Books. Lucy Lynch Asked Members of the Library Club at Tile Hill Wood School and Language College in Nutbrook Avenue, Tile Hill, If They Thought It Would Be a Good Idea

Article excerpt

Byline: Lucy Lynch

AMBITION: To be an optometrist

HOME: Lives in Holbrooks with mum, dad, a younger brother and a younger sister


VERDICT: I don't think there should be any restrictions. Anybody should be able to read anything they want. They could ask someone who has read it before if they want to know what it's like.

AMBITION: Undecided

HOME: Lives in Tile Hill with mum, dad younger brother and older sister

INTERESTS: Playing the guitar, watching films and going to church

VERDICT: There should be something on a book to say this is suitable for older age groups. But I don't think that should stop younger children reading them.

AMBITION: To be a midwife

HOME: Lives in Radford with mum, dad, four younger sisters and one younger brother

INTERESTS: Reading books

VERDICT: There should be restrictions and it should be a law. Literature can be an influence just like television can be. It can be more frightening than television.

AMBITION: To be a lawyer

HOME: Lives in Earlsdon with mum and dad

INTERESTS: Singing, dancing and reading

VERDICT: I think there should be age restrictions. Someone my age might not enjoy something that's not polite with a lot of swear words. …