Thank You, Associates

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Commonweal is in its ninth decade of providing a place for reflective, progressive Catholic thought, a unique venture that has allowed a wide variety of voices to reach an engaged international readership. We have been able to do this because of the steadfast support of the Commonweal Associates. Their contributions help us bridge the gap each year between our revenue and expenses, to pay our writers and cartoonists, and to promote the magazine. That is why each year at this time we thank those who have contributed to the Associates, especially the people listed below whose gift of $50 or more arrived in our office between January 14, 2006, and January 11, 2007. If you have not yet become a member of the Associates, you are most welcome to join their generous company (join online at

Benefactor ($1,000-plus)

Anonymous, MA

Anonymous, TX

Suzanne McSorley & Thomas Baker, NJ

Vivian Segall & Paul Baumann, CT

Sheila & Robert L. Berner Jr., IL

Irmgard & Anthony Brenninkmeyer, NY

Sidney & Daniel Callahan, NY

Anne & Brian Carroll, MI

Deborah & Nicholas R. Clifford, VT

College of New Rochelle, NY

Charles L. Conlon, TX

Neil Coughlan, CT

Robert E. Curley, IL

Rev. Norbert Dall, WI

M. Susan Donnelly, MI

Marilyn & Thomas Donnelly, PA

Phoebe & Lee F. Driscoll Jr., PA

James H. Duffy, NY

Mary & Ralph H. Dwan Jr., DC

In Memory of Msgr. John Tracy Ellis, CA

Clare & Paul Faherty, IL

Diane Filbin, MA

Mary Anne & William Ford, NJ

Peter B. Fritz, TX

Miriam & John Hunt, NY

Lyn & Harry Isbell, CA

Julia & Frank Ladner, IL

Anne & Neal Laurance, MI

Toni O'Connell & Ed Mannino, PA

Deirdre & Maura Ann McBreen, IL

Mary & Thomas McCarthy, CA

Judith & John Neff, TN

Judith & Dennis O'Brien, VT

Nancy & Daniel O'Connell, CT

Jane & Ralph O'Connell, NY

Lois Robards, NY

Barbara & Robert Rosiello, CT

Paul Saunders, NY

Dr. Valerie Scanlon, NY

Dr. Kurt & Lois Schilling, CA

Gertrude Schlachter, NY

Rev. A. J. Schumacher, WI

Mary & Raymond Simon, IL

Mary & Vincent Stanton, MA

Margaret O'Brien Steinfels & Peter Steinfels, NY

Eugene Vader, MN

Supporter ($500-$999)

Katheryn & W. Shepherdson Abell, MD

Dr. Joseph Barbaccia, CA

Joseph P. Bevak, NY

John Borst, ON

June & Cyril Buersmeyer, MI

John Caron, CT

Rev. James Challancin, MI

Miriam & Tom Curnin, NY

Deborah Delano, NC

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dolan, NY

James Eblen, WA

Kathleen & Anthony Farrell, VT

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Finnerty, NY

Janice Daurio & Paul Ford, CA

Regina & John Garvey, NY

Mary & William Good, NY

Walter T. Grady, OH

Mary & Bruce Hall, CO

Harold T. Hartinger, WA

Anita M. Pampusch & Frank Indihar, MN

Joan S. & Milo C. Jones, WI

John T. Joyce, ME

Eileen Kennedy, NJ

Margaret & Norman Kinsey, LA

Dr. John Korey, CA

Marguerite & Edward Kowaleski, MI

Leon Lukaszewski, CA

Dr. Barbara A. McCafferty, DC

Virginia McCarthy, NJ

Patricia & Owen McGowan, RI

Marie E. McGuire, PA

John J. McMackin, MD

Deacon Bartholomew Merella, DC

Samuel Mullin, MA

Michael Vertin & Margaret O'Gara, ON

Jonathan O'Herron, CT

John R. …