Ioan 'Bawled' after Reading Amazing Grace Script

Article excerpt

Byline: By Claire Hill Western Mail

Ioan gruffudd was so moved when he first read the script for his new film Amazing Grace that he burst into tears. The Cardiff-born actor took on the role of William Wilberforce in the film despite knowing very little about the slave trade or the battle for its abolition.

But after extensive research reading biographies and visiting the Houses of Parliament, Gruffudd felt he was able to play the man who dedicated his life to ending slavery. While the main focus on the film is directed at Wilberforce's battle to pass the anti-slavery bill through Parliament, Gruffudd was emotionally moved by the story and wanted to do the same to film audiences.

He told an entertainment news website, 'I wanted to do this movie because when I read the script I was bawling my eyes out at the end of reading it because of what he'd achieved, a sense of relief.'

The film, as revealed yesterday, has already been released in the US and has been praised by church groups and The Washington Post.

Gruffudd was keen to work on the film, which also stars Michael Gambon and Albert Finney, as it would give him a chance to work with director Michael Apted. …