Department of Energy Issues Safety Guidelines for Local Auto-Gas Businesses

Article excerpt


Although coming a little late prior to the thriving of the autogas industry, the Department of Energy (DoE) is ensuring that the guidelines and safety codes to govern the sector would warrant strict compliance of all stakeholders.

The energy department noted that with the strict rules set, the industry will not be swamped with "backyard" trading and illegal activities.

Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla stressed that "consumer protection is our main consideration here. Anyone found to be engaged in illegal practices and services in auto-LPG business will be sanctioned and penalized."

He further cautioned the filling of household LPG cylinders in the auto-LPG dispensing station is strictly prohibited; and violators will be penalized accordingly.

Via Department Circular No. 2007-02-2002, the energy department has laid down the rules and parameters of undertaking ventures for the supply, hauling, storage, handling, marketing and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for automotive use.

It noted that before any party can engage into auto-LPG dispensing station business, it is required that the applicant must first secure a Standard Compliance Certificate (SCC) from the DoE upon submission of the set of documentary requirements.

These pre-requisites include details of business activities, permits and licenses from government agencies such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Department of Trade and Industry -Bureau of Product Standards, Department of Interior and Local Government, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and the concerned local government unit (LGU), among others. …