Election Big Ticket Issues; "The Task of a Leader Is to Get His People from Where They Are to Where They Have Not Been." - Henry Kissinger

Article excerpt


VOTERS beware with self-serving surveys and polls that are intended to prepare the minds of the public, or alter their preferences, or perception towards certain controversial issues, or candidates for high office.

Survey organizations, per se, while competently managed by experienced specialists, depend for their breadand-butter on government agencies, or business corporations, or foreign entities, or affluent individuals, whether they be senators or congressmen, or rich individuals, to commission them for hefty fees, to undertake samplings and interviews towards specific direction, or customized questionnaires, or self-serving endobjectives either for their internal guidance, or for public consumption.

Needless to say, tri-media outlets, for lack of material time, outdo themselves for early printing without allowing themselves, enough time to validate the facts and the veracity of the intended conclusions that could influence or alter public perception.

Thus, we have an early bird example of a reelectionist lawmaker who has been ostracized, in effect personanon-grata, by the major political parties. Hence, the candidate is forced to run as an independent which will deprive him of the help of his partymates, party logistics, whether it be President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Team Unity, or former President Erap Estrada's Genuine Opposition, and inspectors whose latter's unavailability can spell disaster regardless of one's identity with superstars or self-aggrandizement.

Yet, a survey organization had placed him as topping the list of "senatoriables" which has raised many eyebrows and incredulity.

Second, Philippine elections have always been associated with slapsticks, parochialism, vulgarity, and entertainment instead of serious repartees and portentous issues. …