Executed; Dad Shot Because He Wouldn't Pay Protection Cash to Inla Gang

Article excerpt


A FORMER drug dealer was executed because he refused to pay INLA money racketeers, it emerged yesterday.

Roy Coddington, a 34-year-old father, was gunned down on a popular Co Meath beach in broad daylight on Thursday.

But sources rubbished suggestions he was a drugs "Mr Big" and said he was killed because of a long-running extortion racket.

Officers said his execution was "very professional and clinical".

Coddington was known to be a former dealer but had no convictions.

One Garda source said: "We are sure he went to Mornington to meet people he knew and trusted and for some reason things went pear-shaped.

"He had no problem visiting the dunes and probably felt safe there.

"It is a complete mystery what went wrong and why he was singled out. The killers' car was in the area for a while and was seen by a number of families and tourists.

"The killers would not have known the dunes and may not have been aware they could be seen.

In recent years Coddington ran a furniture business and was a devoted family man but still had links to the drugs trade.

He always denied he was a dealer and claimed to friends he was being unfairly targeted.

Over the past two years a number of men, including business owners and drug dealers, have been targeted by extortionists in Co Louth.

Coddington's silver Nissan van was still being examined last night.

Hopes that CCTV images at a boathouse near the scene could hold clues have been dashed after it emerged the cameras did not work.

The man who was with Coddington minutes before he was shot dead is said to be extremely traumatised. …