AISLE HAVE A GUINNESS; EXCLUSIVE Myleene Wants Irish Wedding. but Vows It'll Below-Key Affair

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TV babe Myleene Klass and her Irish fiance would rather knock back pints of Guinness than sip fancy champagne when they tie the knot.

The I'm A Celebrity star revealed she may marry Dubliner Graham Quinn in Ireland but insisted it would be be a low-key affair.

She explained: "It's going to be a fish and chips with pints of Guinness wedding."

Former Hear'Say singer Myleene, a classically-trained musician, told how she had played harp at countless weddings - and had seen countless nightmare brides.

So she vowed she would not become a "Bridezilla".

Myleene, 28, also revealed she and 30-year-old bodyguard Graham even considered eloping to get married away from all the fuss.

And the madcap plan was hatched while she was bridesmaid at her sister's lavish ceremony last year.

She explained: "My sister Jessie had the whole works and Graham and I just looked at each and said, 'Let's run off'.

"If I could run off I would - but I can't because of Catholic guilt. We're both from Catholic families and we wouldn't get away with it."

The couple had originally planned to get married last November. …