Cricket: This Will Scar Game for Ever

Article excerpt

Byline: DEAN WILSON Mirror Cricket Correspondent in St Lucia

IT'S been as surreal and sad a week in cricket as there has ever been.

The England squad, based here in St Lucia, is in shock. Everywhere you turn there is bewilderment and disbelief.

The World Cup started so brightly, with cricket centre stage. Despite England's loss to New Zealand, there was a feeling this tournament could be special, a Caribbean party to remember.

Now, however, the cricket has almost been reduced to an irrelevance.

Freddie Flintoff's pedalo antics a week ago may have been a serious error of judgment.

But they were put into perspective pretty quickly by Bob Woolmer's death last Sunday.

And to think that barely a week earlier in St Vincent, journalists had wondered aloud what the big story of the tournament might be.

It had been a little too quiet in the build-up and when Flintoff booze story broke we thought, perhaps foolishly, that was it.

Understandably, news of Bob's tragic death came as a shock - and almost instantly the rumour mill started.

Speaking to Mirror columnist Ian Botham - one of his old team pals - I was taken aback when he first suggested foul play might be involved.

We both desperately hoped that would not be the case. As news filtered around the islands, players and media, more and more conspiracy theories were thrown up.

With titbits of information coming in from all sources, almost any cause of death was being considered. …