E-Mail Leads to $25,000 Grant for Computers

Article excerpt

Byline: Jeffrey Gaunt

A little luck went a long way this month at Community Unit District 300's Lincoln Prairie Elementary School.

Officials say the Lake in the Hills school was one of about 30 schools nationwide to receive a $25,000 grant for computers from Circuit City and Microsoft.

School staff agreed to spend the windfall on a mobile computer lab, consisting of 20 laptop computers, 20 backpack cases and a portable cabinet.

The windfall will apparently double the number of computers at the school.

Almost as impressive as the money involved is the way the grant came about.

School officials say Lincoln Prairie parent Eric Borchert sent an e-mail to other families telling them about the contest being offered at select Circuit City stores.

Lincoln Prairie parents Natalie and Timothy Littlefield read the e-mail, made a few calls and ended up driving to the Schaumburg Circuit City to fill out an entry form.

School officials say Lincoln Prairie was selected out of thousands of entries.

Pretty impressive.

And I agree with what Lincoln Prairie Principal Thomas Ross had to say after the win.

"I want parents to see that it doesn't take much to make a big difference at your child's school," Ross said in a prepared statement. …