Father, Son Team Up for Mortgage Lending

Article excerpt

Byline: Rachel Buller, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Whether they are lending a mortgage loan to clients or lending each other a hand, Fontaine and Lee Williams are certainly partners on the job.

As the recently hired senior loan officer team at the Fairfax office of Mason Dixon Funding, a residential and commercial mortgage lender, the duo enjoy working together as father and son.

"It's a unique situation that really presented itself as the perfect fit," Lee Williams said. "They were open to having us as a team."

The 37-year-old businessman joined his father in the mortgage-lending business four years ago.

"It's great to be put in a situation where you can put talent first," he said. "You know who's the best to perform what duty."

The two often divvy up responsibilities, Fontaine Williams said.

"We both originate loans. I'm developing the marketing side of the business with Realtors for potential loans."

His son, on the other hand, performs process and analysis for specific loan programs.

After seven years working in account management and marketing for several information-technology government contractor clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, Lee Williams says, he is glad he switched to mortgage lending.

"The mortgage business is exciting. It's never the same any given day. You're dealing with people's lives," he said, noting the gratification that comes from seeing someone buy a home for the first time. …