Yahoo and Newspapers Expand Partnership Daily Herald among Group Sharing Content, Advertising Revenues

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Byline: Daily Herald news services

Yahoo Inc. is greatly expanding its relationship with the newspaper industry, announcing the addition Monday of more publishing companies to a consortium that works with it to sell advertising online.

Arlington Heights-based Paddock Publications Inc. -publisher of the Daily Herald - is the only Chicago area publisher that is part of the group working to bring more online content to readers.

Also, Yahoo is broadening the scope of the venture beyond its initial phase of selling help-wanted ads. It plans to integrate Yahoo's search technology across the sites of the more than 264 newspapers in the consortium.

The publishers also agreed to share local news stories - including content for mobile devices - and to sell local advertising online and to use Yahoo's graphical advertising technology on newspaper Web sites.

Newspapers have faced the challenge of how to adapt as more information and ad revenue moves to the Internet and the number of papers joining with Yahoo indicates this is seen as one major answer.

"The impact of the announcement that even more newspapers have joined the consortium for this next exciting phase of the partnership points out to consumers and to the advertising community how truly groundbreaking this partnership has become," said Douglas Ray, Paddock chief executive officer.

The Daily Herald joined the Yahoo consortium in February and it has been well received by advertising agencies and individual customers.

Ray expects this phase of the consortium to be as well received as the Yahoo HotJobs help-wanted alliance.

"To tell you how the HotJobs partnership with newspapers has been going in Chicago, we had one recruitment advertising agency stand and applaud our presentation of how this model with Yahoo and newspapers would work. That was a first," said Ray.

The venture will expand services the Daily Herald offers online readers, said Kelly Casalino, Paddock's director of interactive media. …