FEU Institute of Nursing Transforms Philippine Nursing Education Via Its Modern Virtual Laboratory

Article excerpt

Reflecting the rapid changes and developments in medical, science, and technology, Far Eastern University's Institute of Nursing takes nursing education to the next level, providing its students with the advantage of world-class education right here in the Philippines. Through its tradition of excellence and innovative spirit, FEU aims to bring the Institute of Nursing to the forefront of nursing education in the Philippines, preparing its students to take on the demands of a global tomorrow.

Step into FEU Institute of Nursing's new state-of-the-art Virtual Laboratory, which opened its doors in December 2006. The uniquely designed simulated laboratory proudly carries the "Gold Standard," the yardstick by which all other nursing skills laboratories are measured. The hospital set-up closely approximates the standards of the Joint Commission, the leading health care accrediting body in the USA, and other international hospital and infection standards in terms of bed-to-sink ratios, hospital door widths, functionality and work and patient flow. In addition, Austco, the leader in quality nurse call systems, has partnered with FEU to house the only advanced, cutting-edge nurse call system in the Philippines. With the Nurse Call System, students will learn to respond to patient calls within two minutes of the call, enhancing the student's customer service and interpersonal or relational skills.

Dean of FEU-IN Annabelle Borromeo proudly announced, "The Virtual Lab provides a learning platform that allows our students to practice real life situations, training them to be nurses of tomorrow." Using third-generation computer-based simulators instead of the traditional mannequins, the Virtual Laboratory at FEU-IN provides its students realistic conditions through the use of advanced technology. Meet HAL, the human patient simulator who is capable of taking breaths, talking, having his pulses palpated and his blood pressure obtained. The instructor controls HAL through a wireless computer, as such, HAL can be programmed to experience realistic medical complications, which students can learn from. Apart from HAL, the FEU Virtual Laboratory likewise boasts of Noelle, the maternal interactive birthing model with which nursing students are able to assess pregnancies and births.

FEU-IN's Virtual Laboratory aims to advance nursing education in the Philippines by providing its students with cutting-edge training and equipment, creating the nurses of tomorrow. …