New and Newly Discovered Periodicals

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GIRLISTIC MAGAZINE: FEMINIST THOUGHT AND CULTURE. 2006-. Founder & Editor: Jaymi Heimbuch, 2880 Santa Maria Way, Suite C-1, #1267, Santa Maria, CA 93454. 4/yr. No ISSN. Subscription: Free; online only (PDF): (Issues examined: Winter 2006 [Premiere Issue]; Spring 2007.)

It's worth mentioning, as a sign of the e-times, how I came across this new periodical. I keep a personal blog on LiveJournal. I'm also a member of a bunch of LiveJournal "communities," including a few feminist- and women's-studies-related ones. Someone with the username girlistic posted a question or comment to one of those communities, and I replied. Then, just out of curiosity, I looked at girlistic's profile and discovered that this user was connected to (and founder of) a whole website, a new online magazine, and a blog separate from the LiveJournal one. Seems to me that founder Jaymi Heimbuch and friends are doing effective grassroots marketing in the digital age. Getting mentioned by other websites and blogs is also an important part of such publicity, and I see that there's a big interview with Heimbuch on the blog (Dec. 2, 2006).

The online magazine, which seeks to be both "up-to-date" and "edgy," calls itself "a blend of refined intellect and raw entertainment. Think: Ms. Magazine and Bitch Magazine have a threesome with Bust Magazine and the result is a bouncing baby Girlistic." Heimbuch is editor, and her partner April Weiland does technical layout, but Girlistic solicits other contributors for much of the content; each of the two issues out so far (54 pages and 50 pages, respectively) has about twenty of them. The magazine puts its content under three main headings: "Features and Interviews," which focused on art and artists in the premiere issue and on women and technology in the second; "Columns" (the one on sex is titled, edgily enough, "That Fucking Feminist"; the more intellectual/theoretical one is called "That Omnipresent Feminist"); and "Girlistic Fixes," which includes film, book, and music reviews, a regular essay called "My Vagina and Me," a short "herstory" of something (so far, the Guerilla Girls and the Pill), a poetry page, a brief article about an activist, and a word puzzle ("Feminist Fun Page"). …