Special Issues of Periodicals

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BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES AND THE LAW v.23, no.6 (2005): "Gender and Psychopathy." Issue eds.: Tonia L. Nicholls & John Petrila. Publ.: John Wiley & Sons. ISSN: 1099-0798 (online); 0735-3936 (print). Available online through Wiley Interscience.

Partial contents: "Nipping Psychopathy in the Bud: An Examination of the Convergent, Predictive, and Theoretical Utility of the PCL-YV Among Adolescent Girls," by Candice L. Odgers, N. Dickon Reppucci, & Marlene M. Moretti; "Figuring Out la femme fatale: Conceptual and Assessment Issues Concerning Psychopathy in Females," by Elham Forouzan, & David J. Cooke; "Psychopathy in Women: A Review of its Clinical Usefulness for Assessing Risk for Aggression and Criminality," by Tonia L. Nicholls et al.; "The Association of Psychopathic Traits with Aggression and Delinquency in Non-Referred Boys and Girls," by Monica A. Marsee, Persephanie Silverthorn, & Paul J. Frick; "Validation of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory on a Female Inmate Sample," by Stacey D. Berardino et al.; "Gender Differences in Psychopathy in a Swedish Offender Sample," by Susanne Strand & Henrik Belfrage.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL v. 10, no.3 (March 2005): "Advancing Women's Careers." Issue eds.: Ronald Burke & Susan Vinnicombe. Publ.: MCB University Press/Emerald Group. ISSN: 1362-0436. Available online through Emerald Group.

Partial contents: "Women's Career Development Phases: Idealism, Endurance, and Reinvention," by Deborah A. O'Neil & Diana Bilimoria; "Understanding the Processes That Facilitate and Hinder Efforts to Advance Women in Organizations," by Janet L. Kottke & Mark D. Agars; "Factors Related to the Career Satisfaction of Older Managerial and Professional Women," by Marjorie Armstrong-Stassen & Sheila Cameron; "Generation X Women in High Technology: Overcoming Gender and Generational Challenges to Succeed in the Corporate Environment," by Ann Feyerherm & Yvonne H. Vick; "Advancing the Careers of Women with Children," by Isabel Metz; "Senior Women Managers'Transition to Entrepreneurship: Leveraging Embedded Career Capital," by Siri Terjesen.

DIOGENES v.52 no.4 (2005): "Myths and Gender." Issue eds.: Nicole G. Albert & Cecile Ladjali. Publ.: Intercultural Publications. ISSN: 0392-1921. Available online through Humanities Fulltext.

Partial contents: "The Androgynous and Bisexuality in Ancient Legal Codes," by Eva Cantarell; "Androgyny and Equality in the Theosophico-Theurgical Kabbalah," by Moshe Idel; "Myth and Science around Gender and Sexuality: Eros and the Three Sexes in Plato's Symposium," by Michael Groneber; "Bisexuality in the Mythology of Ancient India," by Wendy Doniger; "The Invention of the Neuter," by Laure Murat; "The Tetralogy of Richard Wagner: A Mirror of Androgyny and of the Total Work of Art," by Jean-Jacques Nattiez; "'When I Write, I am Sexless,'" by Cecile Ladjali; "Eve and Lilith: Two Female Types of Procreation," by Vanessa Rousseau; "The Mystical Marriage of the Blessed Henry Suso," by Wolfgang Wackernagel; "From Myth to Pathology: Perversions of Gender-Types in Late 19th-Century Literature and Clinical Medicine," by Nicole G. Albert; "Brain, Sex and Ideology," by Catherine Vidal; "The 'Third Gender' of the Inuit," by Bernard Saladin d'Anglur; "Between Science and Spiritualism: Frances Swiney's Vision of a Sexless Future," by George Robb; "Corps de Chine: The Work of Ma Liuming," by Anne Lettree.

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION v.30, no.4 (December 2005): Thematic section: "Gender Studies in Engineering Education." Section ed.: Susanne Ihsen. Publ.: Carfax. ISSN: 0304-3797. Available online through ProQuest Research Library and Academic Elite.

Partial contents: "Creating a Woman Friendly Culture in Institutes of Higher Engineering Education," by Joanna Daudt & Paquita Perez Salgado; "Undergraduate Engineering--A Comparative Study of First Year Performance in Single Gender Campuses," by Thierry Dana-Picard et al. …