WALES: Ancient Tools a Rare Glimpse of Stone Age Rhyl; PREHISTORIC FINDS UP TO 8,000 YEARS OLD

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ARCHAEOLOGISTS digging on the site of a planned housing development have unearthed signs of a prehistoric settlement.

Trenches dug on the site off Dyserth Road on the outskirts of Rhyl reveal a small pit containing charcoal and several flint tools, probably from the Mesolithic period (Middle Stone Age), 8,000-4,000 years ago.

Among the items discovered was a thumbnail scraper which had been "retouched", a technique resulting in the careful removal of small flakes to produce a sharp cutting edge.

After some initial work in February, workers from consultants Earthworks Archaeology of Ewloe have spent the past two weeks examining the site in more detail, and are excited by their findings.

But now, after two weeks of digging, the area will be covered up and nouses and a school built on the site.

The archaeological work was sponsored by Anwyl Construction which is to develop the 300-prop-erty estate to be known as Pare Aberkinsey. The research was one of the planning conditions laid down by Denbighshire County Council.

"There was no reason to believe there was anything here and so it was purely speculative," said project manager Ian Davies.

Following discussions between Anwyl Construction and Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust, as advisers to the county council, it was agreed to open a wider area for more detailed investigation. …