Why Small Business Is Optimistic about Future; SURVEY ENTERPRISE

Article excerpt

Small businesses in the West Midlands are growing in confidence and are increasingly optimistic about the future, even more so than other regions in the UK, despite a toughening operating climate and a slowdown in growth, says the latest report by the Small Business Research Trust

The report shows that, while sales growth in the first quarter of 2007 has eased back as anticipated, both employment and investment have improved.

Investment growth is stronger in every sector, particularly in manufacturing, construction, transport and communications, and health and education.

Graham Craddock, HSBC regional director, Midlands region, said: "The West Midlands is a dynamic and productive region, in which the entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive. "The latest findings from the Small Business Research Trust further cement the West Midlands as the region in which to do business in the UK.

"Being at the heart of the country makes it a great place for small businesses to establish themselves, as it is so well connected by road, air and rail to the rest of the UK and beyond."

Optimism in expected sales, employment and investment has recovered sharply, with small businesses expecting significantly higher growth in the second quarter of 2007. …