International Museum Day 2007: Museums and Universal Heritage

Article excerpt

THE International Council of Museums (ICOM) leads the annual observance of International Museum Day with the theme "Museums and Universal Heritage." The theme emphasizes the fact that "we are all responsible for universal heritage" which cover both natural and cultural heritage, the tangible objects that make up collections as well as the intangible discourses, knowledge, and creative expressions that accompany them. ICOM President Alissandra Cummins stresses the need to raise consciousness about the role that museums play in teaching individual and collective responsibility for global heritage. The major objective of the annual observance is to promote access to museum collections and emphasize that cultural diversity and universal heritage are deeply interrelated and intertwined.

ICOM has been working closely with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since its inception 60 years ago. This intergovernmental organization was the first "to recognize just how important NGOs representing civil society are in implementing its cultural, educational, and scientific development programs to alleviate the root causes of war, poverty, and ignorance. …