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University of Arizona, Documentary Relations of the Southwest (DP, SW)

The following archives are amalgamated into General Index, Biofile, and Geofile accessible through the Internet:

1. Provincias Internas (PI). Originals in the Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico City

2. Archivo de Parral. Originals at Parral, Chihuahua. AZU Film #318.

3. Bexar Archives. Originals at the Nettle Lee Benson Library, University of Texas) Austin

4. Spanish Archives of New Mexico (SANM), Santa Fe, Series II. Original at Santa Fe AZU Film #2182.

5. Ramo de Misiones #26. Microfilm copy of original in the Archivo General de la Nacion. See 040-00213 in DRSW Master Index.

University of Arizona Library (UAL)

1. Parish Archives of Sonora and Sinaloa (PASS). AZU Film #811. Arizpe. Reels 10-18.

2. Registers of Nuestra Senora de la Santisima Rosario, San Vicente Ferrer, San Fernando de Velicata, Santo Domingo (microfilm copies of Administrative Archives of the Spanish Missions of Lower California, St. Albert's College, Oakland, Calif.)

Arizona Historical Society, Tucson, Arizona (AHS)

1. Archivo Historico del Estado de Sonora (AHES). Microfilm copies (0600.44) of originals in Hermosillo. Drawer 5, Cabinet 3, "Hermosillo" #44

2. Parish Archives of Sonora and Sinaloa (PASS). Microfilm copies (0601) of originals in Tumacacori and Guevavi Sacramental Records (T-GSR) (0601). Now available through the Tumacacod "Mission 2000" database.

4. Archivo Iglesias Parroquiales (AIP), Sonora (0552.1 and 0552.2)

5. "Census on microfilm 18th century. Selected Parish Archives No.1. Dobyn's Project" (0555.1)

Arizona State Museum

George B. Eckhart Archives

Bancroft Library, Berkeley

Sonoran Mission Registers. Pinart Collection

Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library (SBMAL)

1. Baptism, marriage, and burial registers of the California missions (photocopies)

2. Temple Extracts, vols. VII and VIII; presidial lists, census reports, Easter Duty lists, and inventories

3. De la Guerra Papers

4. California Mission Documents

5. Maynard Geiger "Building Activities"

6. Santa Barbara census 1815-1835

7. California state census 1852

8. La Purisima Account Book 1806-1834

9. Libro de patentes, y de ynventarios perteneciente a la mision de San Luis Rey de Francia en la Nueva California

10. San Luis Informes

11. San Jose Ayuntamiento archives

12. Santa Barbara Mission. Libro de cuentas 1794-1802 and Libro de cuentas 1805-1808

Santa Barbara Presidial Research Library (SBPRL)

1. Photocopies pertaining to the history of Santa Barbara from the Bancroft Library

2. Provincial State Papers. Benicia Military

3. St. Papers. Missions

4. Documents from the Archivo General de la Nacion pertaining to California presidios filmed by Fr. Francis Guest, OFM, as rolls 4 and 5 and identified as:

AGNa. Printouts with pagination of the SBPRL. For example, AGNa 4:414 signifies roll 4, page 414. Printouts of all documents contained in the rolls are not available.

AGNb. Microfilm. Since the frames are not numbered, the pagination of the original documents is used here.

5. Ramo de Californias (CA) selected copies from the Archivo General de la Nacion

Archives of the Cathedral of San Fernando, San Antonio, Texas

Registers (Bautismos, Casamientos, Entierros) of the San Antonio missions. Originals located in the cathedral archives, microfilm copies at Archives of Clerk of Bexar County

Old Spanish Missions Historical Research Library (OSMHRL), Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas Microfilm copies of selected documents from the

1. Celaya Archives, Franciscan Monastery, Nuevo Leon. …