Third Conference of Nobel Laureates, Petra, Jordan

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"ONCE AGAIN WE are proud tO provide the context in which Nobel Laureates, the greatest intellects of our time, meet to think, talk and contribute to the advancement of various global issues," King Abdullah declared. "This year, they will also meet with the best young minds of our region. From one country to another, from one generation to another, from one culture to another, the Petra message is clear. We can, and will continne to foster hope, innovation and inspiration, in order to build a better world"

More than 30 Nobel Laureates and many international public figures have been invited to Jordan by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (EWFH). KAFD is an NGO working to provide new and innovative economic opportunities that can improve the living standards of the underprivileged. EWFH's mission is to combat indifference, intolerance and injustice through international dialogue and youth focused programmes that promote acceptance, understanding and equality.

Nobel Laureates from the six fields in which the Nobel Prize is awarded each year--peace, economics, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine--are expected to attend. Some of the confirmed participants this year include: IM Coetzee in Literature, Betty Williams in Peace, Richard Axel in Medicine, Johann Deisenhofer in Chemistry, Robert Merton in Economics, and Norman F Ramsey in Physics. …