New York Times Crossword Goofs: (Continued from Vol. 40, February 2007)

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Date: 8/17. Clue: Stowe slave. Answer: EVA. Problem: In "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Eva was the daughter of the slaveowner Augustine St. Clare. Topsy was the slave girl.

Date: 7/15. Clue: Prime rate setter, with "the." Answer: FED. Problem: Individual banks set the prime rate, not the Fed.

Date: 6/27. Clue: Where Commodore Perry prevailed. Answer: ERIE. Problem: Oliver Hazard Perry, who prevailed at Erie, was not a commodore. His brother, Matthew Perry, had that title.

Date: 6/2. Clue: Nobelist for whom a physics unit is named. Answer: HERTZ. Problem: The hertz is named after Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, a German physicist, who did not win a Nobel Prize. It was his son, Gustav Hertz, also a German physicist, who won a Nobel.

Date: 3/14. Clue: Scalper's victim. Answer: CUSTER. Problem: While George Custer's men were scalped at the Battle of Little Bighorn, the victorious Sioux left Custer himself unscathed.

Date: 2/2. Clue: German newspaper--Bild. Answer: DER. Problem: The German "Bild" takes the neuter article "die."

Date: 1/18. Clue: Birmingham-to-Montgomery dir. Answer: ESE. Problem: The direction is really SSE.

Date: 1/3. Clue: Neighbor of Lucy and Desi. Answer: FRED. Problem: On "I Love Lucy," Lucy's husband is Ricky. Desi is the actor's name.


Date: 12/29. Clue: Like Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Answer: IN E. Problem: Beethoven's Seventh is in A major.

Date: 12/13. Clue: Bryant poem"--Waterfall." Answer: TO A. Problem: The correct title is "To a Waterfowl."

Date: 8/29. Clue: Unique claim of the U.S. Open player whose name is hidden in 34-Across [i.e., Chris Evert]. Answer: SIX-TIME WINNER. Problem: Helen Wills Moody won the U.S. Open seven times.

Date: 7/15. Clue: Louisville landmark. Answer: RUPP ARENA. Problem: The University of Kentucky's Rupp Arena is in Lexington, 75 miles from Louisville.

Date: 7/7. Clue: Norse epics. Answer: EDDAS. Problem: The two ancient Icelandic literary works known as the Eddas are collections of poems and tales, not epics.

Date: 6/24. Clue: 2000 Heisman Trophy winner--Dayne. Answer: RON. Problem: Ron Dayne won the award in 1999.

Date: 5/20. Clue: Mindspring or Yahoo!: Abbr. Answer: ISP. Problem: While many computer users have email addresses through Yahoo!, Yahoo! itself is not a Internet service provider. Its subscribers need to use an ISP to reach Yahoo!

Date: 4/12. Clue: Pad sitter. Answer: TOAD. Problem: Frogs, not toads, sit on lily pads.

Date: 4/9. Clue: Chops finely. Answer: RICES. Problem: While "rice" means to reduce food to fine particles, ricing does not involve chopping, but rather forcing the food through a sieve, for example.

Date: 3/30. Clue: Frequent Valentino co-star. Answer: LILA LEE. Problem: Rudolph Valentino and Lila Lee co-starred together only once, in the 1922 romance "Blood and Sand," so it's not correct to say that they were frequent co-stars.

Date: 1/26. Clue: "China Beach" star. Answer: DELANEY. Problem: Actress Dana Delany spells her name without a second E. A correct clue would have been "'N.Y.P.D. Blue' actress" (as in Kim Delaney).

Date: 1/13. Clue: NASA pressure unit. Answer: ONE G. Problem: A "g" is a unit of force or acceleration, not pressure.


Date: 12/8. Clue: Nova Scotia national park. Answer: FUNDY. Problem: Fundy National Park is in New Brunswick--despite what Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary says.

Date: 12/1. Clue: Purchase of 1625. Answer: MANHATTAN ISLAND. Problem: The Dutch purchased Manhattan from the native Indians in 1626.

Date: 10/29. Clue: Brand of racing bikes. Answer: BMX. Problem: BMX is a kind of racing bike, not a brand.

Date: 8/26. Clue: Universal Human Rights Month: Abbr. Answer: NOV. Problem: Universal Human Rights Month is December.

Date: 8/17. Clue: Captain Hull, known as "Old Ironsides. …