Cancer Protection for Women

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This article contains some basic information on different disciplines of cancer, its symptoms and methods of treating. Breast, cancer of the lungs, uterus, colon and rectum are some of the diseases that can strike women. We treat all types of cancer at Shifa International Hospital using our most sophisticated computerized Medical Linear Accelerator, C.T. scanner, Simulator (X-ray machine with fluoroscopy) computer treatment planning system. Most of these information are taken from a brochure of the American Cancer Society. Let us discuss these cancerous diseases one by one. If any question.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the leading cancer killer of women of 35-50 years of age - 17500 cases degreased are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The good news is 90 percent women could survive if treated timely. Physical examination, mammography or lintro scan will greatly reduce the number of deaths. In USA, American Cancer Society have found that one out of 9 women will get cancer. More than 45,000 will die yearly.

* More likely to happen in women of age

over 50 years.

* Thosewomen who have a family history

of breast cancer

* Who never had children

* Who were over 30 years when they

had their first child.

What you should do?

Examine your Breast every week. If see lump, contact your doctor. At age of 30-40 have your first mammogram (Breast X-ray) as base line (available at Shifa). At age of 40-50 have your doctor check your breast every year and mammo if required. At age 50 and over check breast every year and mammo every year.


Breast cancer can be treated with 6 Mv (Maga Voltage) photon energy and electron beam with the Medical Linear Accelerator. After detecting cancer with C.T. scanner, we simulate the patient and perform computer treatment planning before actually giving radiation.

Lungs Cancer in Women

Is also a leading killer of cancer in women. In USA 56,000 women die each year. Cigarette smokers are more likely to get cancer.


* Stay away from a smoker

* Do not use Tobacco products (in Pan

etc. Note:

Smoking is the leading cause of Cancer. In smoking process, you are burning plonium (natural radioactivity) in your body.

See Doctor

* If nagging or painful cough that does

not go away.

* If you see blood in cough.

* If you feel pain in chest all the time.


Shifa International Hospital is capable of treating lung cancer with our Medical Linear Accelerator.

Uterine Cancer (Cervical/Endometrial)

* In USA 44,500 new cases can strike

every year.


* If you are 18 and above, have your

PAP test every year.

* If any abnormal bleeding see your


* You may get endometrial cancer if you

are: Over 40, over weight, takes

harmonies, abnormal blood. Infertile

or do not ovulates. Contact your doctor

for regular check up and have PAP test

for evaluation of cervical cancer etc. …