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JONATHAN MEADES ends his splendidly provocative series on various architectural themes with a tour of the great garden landscapes of Stowe. These products of the 18th-century Enlightenment demand a lot of elucidation - and Meades, with his handy working knowledge of classical literature and picturesque theory, tackles the job with his usual gloomy relish.

JONATHAN MEADES: ABROAD AGAIN, 7pm, BBC2 GAME RANGER DIARIES, 7.15pm, Five THE Lewa game park is one of Kenya's busiest, and this docu-soap follows the ups and downs (of which there are many) of life on the African reserve.

Today's episode centres on the large population of elephants that call the reserve home. Watching these gentle giants in their NATURAL WORLD, 9pm, BBC2 natural habitat always makes for very pleasant viewing.

FOR once, a good news story from Africa. This spectacular film looks at the fine conservation work being done in the central African state of Gabon - a wildlife paradise where the rainforest meets the sea, and elephants, gorillas CHALLENGE ANNEKA, 9pm, ITV1 EIGHTEEN years after the first Challenge Anneka aired (on BBC1), the show is back with this one-off special. In it, Anneka Rice (pictured right) is challenged by the children of the Chase Hospice in Surrey to put together a 12-track CD, featuring leading recording artists, and organise a gala concert - all to raise money and awareness for the excellent cause of children's hospices. This is a mighty challenge indeed, but Anneka rises to it - calling in favours from a host of stars, including (pictured below left), chimps and hippos roam, with significant areas of their habitat protected as a series of national parks.


Michael Bolton, McFly, Lesley Garrett, Jimmy Osmond, Bonnie Tyler and many more. …