Round 3 with JdV; the Basis of Our Political System Is the Right of the People to Make and Alter Their Constitutions of Government. but the Constitution Which at Any Time Exists, until Changed by the Explicit and Authentic Act of the Whole People, Is Sacredly Obligatory upon All. -- George Washington

Article excerpt

Byline: Adrian E. Cristobal

THIS is the third round for Speaker Jose de Venecia's as the most prominent operating leader for Charter change. The first during FVR's term, through a constitutional assembly, was shot down by the combined efforts of the late Cardinal Sin, President Corazon Aquino, and civil society. The second, by people's initiative, was shot down by the Supreme Court. In this round, Speaker De Venecia is amenable to any mode of changing the constitution - which means a constitutional convention.

As noted by many academics and politicians since President Aquino's tenure, the Constitution is "flawed." Indeed, there's much to be said about its language but that's not the main objection of "parliamentarians." It's what they call the restrictions on foreign investments, the "restricting" Senate, and the power of judicial review of the Supreme Court, which they believe to be "intrusive" in economic and political matters.

But the objection was not to the song but the singer. …