Music Wherever She Goes

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Byline: By Karen Price Western Mail

Angharad Wynne admits that when she and her husband Mark Evans signed for their 18th-century cottage on their first wedding anniversary, the property was not in the best condition.

But the couple had fallen in love with the semi-detached home in Llanharry, near Llantrisant, and they clearly had a vision of what it would be like after some TLC.

Almost eight years on, the couple - who now have a four-year-old daughter Myfanwy, known as Myfi - have completely redecorated the cottage and added a glass extension, which is used as a garden room - or Myfi's playroom.

Before they moved, Angharad and Mark, who are originally from West Wales, were living in London but wanted to return to their roots.

Baritone Mark needed to be close to good road and rail links for his work, as he does plenty of travelling.

But they also wanted to live in a rural area, so Llanharry appeared to be the perfect place for them.

Now that their property has been renovated, Angharad, a marketing and communications consultant, says the lounge is her favourite room.

The lounge is actually two rooms which are joined by two spaces knocked into the stone wall.

One half of the lounge is where the family relaxes and the other half acts as the music room.

In the relaxing area, the walls are painted a pale yellow and the carpets have been ripped up to expose the parquet floor.

The centrepiece is an old fireplace, which has been lovingly restored.

"When we bought the house the hearth was covered up in horrible tiles," says 33-year-old Angharad.

"It was only by accident that we discovered the hearth when a friend of ours dropped a hammer onto it and chipped the tiles, and we saw there was a beautiful block of slate underneath. …