DNA Net Is Closing in on the Evil Sex Beasts

Article excerpt

Byline: By BEN ROSSINGTON Crime Reporter

AT least three more Merseyside sex beasts could soon be brought to book through DNA evidence.

Two sex offenders have been sentenced in the past fortnight for crimes committed up to 17 years ago.

And the special "cold case" team, which is using the latest DNA techniques to trap the dangerous attackers all these years on, say they expect more good results soon.

Yesterday, 49-year-old James Holt, from Fazakerley, was caged for 12 years for a terrifying attack on a woman he kidnapped and raped in 1990.

His conviction came a week after Philip Monaghan was sentenced for a knifepoint attack on a 16-year-old in a Wirral park in 1994. He was spared jail after serving time for a subsequent rape and being said to have "turned his life around".

Both men were caught by a team from Operation Advance - a police standards unit operation to give victims from as far back as 1989 some peace at last.

Karl Barrow, police consultant to Operation Advance and a former detective chief inspector, said: "This is all about justice for the victims. …