Minutes: Annual Business Meeting Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies 45th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia 21 January 2006

Article excerpt

President Farley Richmond called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM in the banquet room of the Sheraton Atlanta.

Local Arrangements Chair Susan Walcott introduced Dr. Lauren Adamson, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University, who welcomed the association to Atlanta. Dean Adamson spoke of the good health of Asian Studies at Georgia State, as manifested in its various programs and international agreements.

President Richmond recognized Association of Asian Studies President Barbara Watson Andaya and the Executive Committee of the Southeast Conference.

The Minutes of the 2005 Annual Business Meeting in Lexington, KY, distributed in advance, were approved as written.

Local Arrangements Chair Susan Walcott reported that 189 people had registered in advance, and there had been a number of walk-ins; twenty teachers had registered for the teacher outreach program in Asian music. She mentioned a number of local sights within walking distance of the conference.

Program Chair Mark Ravina reported that the program included 102 participants and 35-36 panels. He asked for feedback on the intellectual coherence of the program's 2006 theme and the small, two-person panels he'd set up this year.

President Richmond asked that the graduate students who had received the $200 SEC travel grants to attend the Atlanta meeting to stand, and told them to see the Secretary-Treasurer, Charlotte Beahan, to get their grant checks.

Nominating Committee Chair and Vice President Bill Head announced that James Gillam of Spelman and Mark Ravina of Emory had agreed to stand for election to the position of Vice President and directed attendees to the vitae on the tables. Head also announced that Veena Khandke and David Blaylock were the candidates for the three-year At-Large position on the Executive Committee. SEC members were asked to mark their ballots and turn them in to the official counters.

Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte Beahan gave the Council on Conferences report for outgoing SEC representative Kristin Stapleton. The AAS has voted to increase its subvention of the annual meetings of the regional associations from $1,000 to $2,000 for 2006 meetings; Stapleton thought that the Atlanta meeting would qualify for the additional money. Graduate paper prize winners in each of the regions would be awarded a one-year membership in the AAS. A dissertation workshop is a possibility for the 2007 Nashville SEC meeting, possibly in conjunction with Vanderbilt. The Bibliography of Asian Studies is now available on-line for $5 for AAS members, a boon for scholars from smaller schools whose libraries do not subscribe to the print version. The deadline to submit an application for an AAS outreach grant for teachers for the 2007 meeting in Nashville is 15 February.

Editor Daniel A. Metraux reported on the 2005 edition of the Southeast Review of Asian Studies. Thirty-six articles were submitted for the current issue. SERAS is thoroughly peer-reviewed; three editorial readers read all the articles, and several specialists participated in several cases. Ten articles were eventually published. He encouraged SEC members to contribute to the new "Scholarly Notes" feature and to review new books on Asian studies. This year's deadline for paper submissions is 1 March; for reviews and scholarly notes, 1 April. He particularly encouraged contributions by graduate students and young scholars. The on-line version of SERAS will be posted in July. …