Violent Crime Increase Troubling to Cities, Says NLC

Article excerpt

City officials say last week's release of a new report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) showing an increase in violent crime--for the second year in a row--only confirms what they are seeing every day in cities of all sizes across America.

"Increasing violent crime is a sad reality for many of our cities, large and small," said NLC President Bart Peterson, mayor of Indianapolis "The FBI data confirm what we already knew: This is not just a big city problem anymore."

The FBI report indicates that violent crime increased 1.3 percent in 2006, with the greatest increases in some of America's smaller cities Robberies, in particular, rose an alarming 6 percent during this period.

Those cities with populations of 250,000 to 499,999 saw a 3.2 percent increase in violent crime and a 8.6 percent increase in robberies. Cities with populations of 25,000 to 49,999 saw increases of 3.2 percent in violent crime and a 9.2 percent increase in robberies.

The increase in robberies was most significant in the West (11.6 percent). Murders rose 0.3 percent overall, and the murder rate in cities with more than one million people rose 6.7 percent.

NLC supports a three-pronged effort to fight crime--enforcement, intervention and prevention--and has called for quick action and funding on the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Improvement Act, which will bring $1. …