Math News Gazette

Article excerpt

Student Activity Goals

* Students will communicate about mathematics using a class newspaper.

* Students will work on problems and share the results in a special section of the newspaper.

* Students will report how school personnel, parents, and community leaders use mathematics in their everyday lives and careers.

* Students will use their measurement skills to format the newspaper.

* Students will read about, and report on, books with mathematical themes or content.

* Students will write a critique of mathematics software for a section of the newspaper.

* Students will learn to value the uses of mathematics in everyday life.

Planning for Instruction

If the Math News Gazette is to work in a classroom, the project needs to be carefully planned. The tips that follow are designed to work with the format and headlines shown on the student sheet, but teachers are encouraged to have students develop their own headlines and column headings. This activity can be a class project or used for small-group work for several issues.

For a column titled "A Day in the Math Life of My Family," we suggest that students consider a theme, such as Math in the Home, Math at My Mom's Job, or Math on the Way to School. If a child chooses Math in the Home, then such things as meal portions, grocery shopping, bus fares, allowances, or television viewing times might be considered.

The "Interviews" section might feature interviews with other teachers in the school, the principal, the lunchroom director, or leaders in the community. Students could develop a series of questions that could be used with several different people, then compare the responses from those people about how they use mathematics in their everyday lives and in their careers. This pursuit might lead to interesting answers to the question "When are we ever going to use this?"

"Making Cents" might include actual shopping exercises or advertisements with comparison-shopping questions. …