BRIAN OF BRITAIN; Dim Vandal Scrawls 'Brian Finlay Slept Here' on Skara Brae

Article excerpt

Byline: By Bob Dow

A VANDAL who scrawled his name across an iconic monument was being hunted by police yesterday.

The dim-witted tourist left graffiti on ancient stone houses at the 5000-year-old Skara Brae site on Orkney.

And he helpfully put his own name to the damage, with the message "Brian Finlay slept here" scribbled on a stone bed post.

Police have traced the name to a silver L-reg Hyundai car, which is visiting the islands.

The car is due to leave Orkney for the mainland tomorrow. Officers will be waiting for it at the ferry terminal.

Sergeant Gregor Hay said: "We believe the suspect has been stupid enough to use his own name.

"We are keen to speak to a family who are still on the island."

Skara Brae is regarded as the best preserved neolithic village in Europe and it is aWorld Heritage Site.

Police believe the vandals had a party there on Monday and stayed the night.

A stone dresser on the site had "Scouse Celts" written on it with a marker pen.

Site manager Mary Dunnett said: "I was saddened and disappointed that someone would come in and deface stones which have stood for 5000 years. …