Growing Appetite for Cross-Border Deals; STRUCTURED FINANCE John Revill Reports on the Growing Importance of European Transactions in European Structured Finance (ESF) Operations

Article excerpt

Byline: John Revill

European transactions are becoming an increasingly important part of the ESF Group of GMAC CF's operations.

With increased cross-border trade following the widening of the European Union, the company is able to provide global funding solutions to mid market companies and their equity sponsors.

It has significant operations in the US, UK and Europe from which it can operate in a seamless way to deliver cross border lending.

From one balance sheet, through one management team, the ESF Group of GMAC CF can underwrite classic asset-based lending transactions all the way through to leveraged cash flow finance.

The ESF Group also has its own underwriting capability which allows it scope to be extremely creative and can often finance transactions that other lenders struggle with.

GMAC CF has a demonstrable pedigree in the retail and automotive sectors and in financing cross border transactions.

With a reputation for creativity, certainty and speed the ESF Group of GMAC CF delivers what it promises.

Graham McGuinness, regional director, European Structured Finance, Birmingham, says: "We seek to differentiate ourselves from our peers in several keys areas.

"Creativity - our professionals have a demonstrated track record of finding ways to finance complex 'outside the box' transactions.

"For example, one European retail and wholesale business we helped was being funded by shareholders from the United States.

"We were able to leverage the assets to enable the shareholders to repatriate funds to America, while the cash-flow lending was used to replace the money being provided by the shareholders.

"This is just one example of when we see a problem we have not experienced before, we create a solution.

"We have a well deserved reputation for working collaboratively with clients through all kinds of challenges and business cycles."

The company also prides itself on the certainty of its offering as well as the speed of its operation.

Mr McGuinness says: "When we make an offer it will have been reviewed by all involved in the credit process so it will be deliverable. …