This Week: Soundproofing a Ceiling

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Byline: diy donny

There's nothing worse than having a noisy neighbour living upstairs.

But there is a way to reduce the din - soundproof your ceiling.

There are two basic systems you can install which don't cause too much mess or disruption.

The first is for rooms with high ceilings, such as Victorian townhouses and tenements.

The second is thinner and is for rooms with restricted height, such as modern homes and council properties built after World War II.

I've detailed both methods below and recommend E-Cousti materials, which are available from Sheffield Insulations (01698 833755).



Stanley knife




Wood and masonry drill bits


Joist hangers

Timber joists

E-Cousti quilt sound insulation

15mm acoustic plasterboard

E-Cousti Fix and Seal acoustic mastic

Dry wall screws

E-Cousti wall and ceiling clips

E-Cousti ceiling clip rail

25mm Rockwool acoustic partition slab

Here's how it's done..method 1 (high ceilings)

1 Fix joist hangers to the wall. Install secondary joists hung off the hangers, sized to suit the span of the room and able to take the weight of two layers of acoustic plasterboard (allow 30kg per square metre). …