Quality of Chinese Products Defended by Trade Minister

Article excerpt

Chinese minister of commerce Bo Xilai yesterday defended Chinese-manufactured products, following successive international recalls saying their exports are of international standards and produced by foreign investors in China that follow international specifications.

Bo made this statement at the joint press conference of the ASEAN Economic Ministers and the dialogue partners for the 39th ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting.

He stressed that only 0.1 percent of the Chinese products "are problematic."

He said that over 60 percent of the Chinese exports are made according to the specifics of foreign buyers, thus Chinese products can be considered as made for the world market. Some of the Chinese manufactured products involved in the international recall include toys, bibs, candies, biscuits, and notebooks.

The Chinese official further pointed that in the past 29 years, China's exports grew on an annual average of 17 percent, which showed they have quality produce.

Trade and Industry Secretary Peter B. Favila, who earlier said he would raise the issue informally with his fellow ministers, declared that he had a constructive bilateral meeting with the Chinese counterpart.

Favila did not go into the specifics but said that the recent international recall on Chinese products is a common concern and that he and Bo agreed to work not just on the "economic spectrum, but also on how to do these things."

He reiterated that the Philippines continues to value its relationship with China and if ever there is "anti-China sentiment, definitely it is not the Philippines."

ASEAN Secretary-General Ong Keng Yong, on the other hand, said that every ASEAN country has its own quality and safety standards. …