Part II: Examples and Extracts from the Mass of Captured Documents (Letters, Orders and Memoranda a Copy of a Letter from Dighenis - Appendix I)

Article excerpt


Makariotate *

REVERSES cannot be excluded from any struggle. We can even say that a struggle is always made up of successes and reverses and whoever has finally more successes, he is the one to win.

In our struggle, which is an unequal one, we have always expected reverses. Yet, we have faith in the final result.

The caique's misfortune has not affected our courage, but on the contrary, it has hardened our hearts so that with greater will-power, self-sacrifice and stubbornness, we will proceed forward to liberate Cyprus and take our revenge.

I am not only speaking for myself but also on behalf of those whom I had the honour to command and amongst whom I now happen to be.

With all those whom I was able to communicate I have met the strong decision to proceed forward.

I give you my word of honour that I will not rest as long as I breathe, but on the contrary, I will never stop striking the occupier. I promise you that in spite of the poor means at my disposal I will cause him great difficulties, and that I will not lay down my arms unless you yourself ask me to do so because it will mean that our object has been fulfilled.

This, my promise, please consider it as coming from an honest soldier.

The loss of the caique's load has compelled me to change our original plans. These plans now consist of combined guerilla and sabotage action. This guerilla action by upsetting the armed forces and all movements of the British will play the greater part of the combined action, owing to the fact that our material possibilities from such activities are greater than those which are in our possession for sabotage action.

My actual efforts tend to find here the necessary material for sabotage operations and if I am successful in finding such material I intend to use it for carrying out the struggle inflexibly.

You must have complete trust in me and I hope you will grant me complete freedom to carry on the resumption of our struggle. I will await your instructions to start the struggle. Anyway, my opinion is that we should not postpone operations beyond the 20th February.

For this purpose I beg of you to put at my disposal all necessary financial means, because Andreas, who was dealing with all financial matters, is now away. My needs are as follows: --

(1) To pay out daily 15 persons and three or four families.

(2) The purchase of 100 okes of petrol and 200 empty bottles, 100 okes of dynamite and a certain quantity of fuse. (If such materials may be obtained, as I hope.) The above materials will be used for sabotage operations.

(3) For the movement of couriers, etc., and the transportation of arms and ammunition.

Please reply to me on the above matters through the same channel.

(Signed) Dighenis.


This organizing will be done in secrecy within the framework of EOKA.

(l) AIMS

The initiation of persons in order that they should be able to offer the following assistance:

(a) by taking part in mass demonstrations in villages, mass protests, etc.

(b) concealing and giving asylum to members of the Organization.

(c) participating in acts of violence and, if necessary, with arms.

(d) obtaining and passing information as regards the object and nature of any movement of troops and police.

(e) observing Government agents.

They are not to be used for any political or party purposes.


The organization will be temporary and is to be modified in due course.

In every province there is to be a section of the Organization with District HQ in the capital of the province. At the head of this section there will be a District Leader, who is to be assisted by a staff which, for the present, he himself will be able to pick at his discretion. …