Astrology, Religion and the Tooth Fairy; Star-Crossed: Archbishop Sean Brady (Right) Has Found Some Support for His Attack on Astrology

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GOOD on Archbishop Se*n Brady for pointing out the absurdity ofastrology (Letters).

It's ironic that this should come from someone whose very job is dependant onpeople 'putting their trust in an illusion'.

There is nothing more 'empty of meaning' than the Christian belief system.

It's about time we rid our culture of all these superstitions - I draw nodistinction between astrology, Christianity, Islam and belief in FatherChristmas or the tooth fairy.

I SOMETIMES cry with laughter at astrologer Jonathan Cainer's socalledpredictions.

First he gives a kind of life story that has no relevance on the star he'sreading, and then he wants you to phone him for the rest of the story!

Bart Simpson would do a better job, and Archbishop Brady is correct in hisassumptions regarding this kind of witchcraft.

God alone knows the future.

There is no fool like an old fool, but it brings in the lolly, and lolly iswhat it's all about.

DOMINICA WYNNE, WELL done to Archbishop Brady.

What a relief that a church leader actually leads in dismissing clairvoyantsand astrologers.

Would that many more people spend their money on those less fortunate thanthemselves rather than on the self-indulgence of astrologers. Vacuous? Yes,indeed.

Dr RHONA LUCAS, Loughrea, Co Galway.

DICK RICHARDS, Bantry, Co Cork.


Low-browhigh fliers WHAT'S old-fashioned about the Rose of Tralee competitionis that a 'high-powered New York attorney' who wants to go into investmentbanking - clearly an intelligent and accomplished woman - should crave theworthless approbation of a panel of 'celebrity' judges.

Apparently, Lisa Murtagh feels that her academic and professional achievementscount for nothing unless she can also prove that she meets 1950s standards offeminine beauty and demonstrates an ability to play the piano or dance an Irishjig.

Her ambition is a bit of a giveaway too - she wants to meet Oprah Winfrey!

It's akin to Zurich University saying: 'Okay, Mr Einstein, you've passed theoral exam for your PhD - now let's see what you look like in a bathing suit.'Women of my generation fought hard in the Sixties and Seventies to win ameasure of equality but people like Miss Murtagh make me despair of everachieving 'parity of esteem', let alone equal pay for equal work.

MAUREEN GLEESON, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.

You get what you payfor THE message of the cancer survival league table isclear - and even clearer when one looks at the figures for all types of cancer(the Mail's survey was for eight types) and include countries from outsideEurope.

The U.S. tops the table with a 64.6 per cent five-year survival rate.

Sweden (61.0 per cent) was second, followed by Iceland (59.8 per cent), Finland(58.5), and Switzerland (57.9 per cent).

The worst performer was Scotland. …