ONE DAY IN SCOTLAND; YOU CAN BE A STAR AT KELVINGROVE Here's Young Artists Chance to Put Their Artwork on Show under the Same Roof as Van Gogh, and Dali.Just Draw, Paint, Snap or Film the Amazing or Ordinary Things That Inspire You in Our Country

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HOW would you like to show off your art under the same roof as greats like Dali and van Gogh?

We want to make your pictures, photos and films a part of Scottish history by putting them in the nation's biggest museum.

Wannabe Andy Warhols can draw, snap or video absolutely anything that inspires you - your pet dog, your favourite band in concert, a football match or just a stunning skyline.

Just send it to us and your work could be seen by thousands of people in Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum.

The theme of the exhibition is "One day in Scotland".

Your entries can be pictures, photos or even videos.

We will try to put every entry in the hi-tech space.

The gallery is still top-secret but mastermind Chris van der Kuyl, promises a unique experience.

The internet tycoon said: "It's going to bereally exciting - there is nothing like this at the moment.

"We want to inspire the next generation and for them to be a key part of that. This is a chance for every young person in Scotland to make their own piece of history that can be seen by people from around the world.

"Everyone who visits will have a chance to leave an impression on the Kelvingrove Museum.

"We can't go into any more detail about the exhibition because we want people to be amazed when they see it - and we think they will be."

Kelvingrove is famous as home to everything from dinosaur skeletons to hundreds of works by legends of painting and sculpture. …