If You Sphinx This Is Spooky. Scot Tessa Dunlop and TV Psychic Derek Acorah Turn Tomb Raiders to Explore the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt

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Byline: By Brian McIver

THEIR secrets have lain hidden and undisturbed among the stone ruins for centuries.

Surrounded by myths and superstition, the pharaohs and gods of ancient Egypt have remained some of the most mysterious legends of the ancient worlds - until psychic investigator Derek Acorah turned up and blew the sand off their secrets.

According to his Scots co-presenter Tessa Dunlop, the flamboyant medium amazed local experts and seasoned Egyptologists alike when they spent a month visiting ancient tombs and pyramids all over the ancient north African country.

Popular historian Tessa joined Derek on a month-long expedition to bring his particular style of psychic tomb raiding to the ruins and temples for a new Living TV series, Paranormal Egypt.

And she said that in their short time exploring the catacombs and sarcophaguses of Egypt, the Most Haunted star's psychic skills and uncanny charisma not only converted her from being a paranormal cynic but also wowed teams of seasoned historians and experts with his insights .. from beyond the grave.

Tessa, best-known for her appearances on programmes such as Time Team, also admitted she was genuinely terrified at some of the spooky goings on.

"There were definitely some very scary moments and there were two incidents when I felt something very weird was happening," she said.

"Derek is incredible at what he does. There were times when I was really surprised at just how much he knew about things he just couldn't know.

"Before we went, I spent a long time reading at the British Library and really did a lot of research on Egypt.

"While we also worked with Egyptologists and senior experts from the area, who were also amazed at how much he knew.

"One time we were looking for the tomb of Imhotep, an Egyptian god, and we went to the wrong room. It turned out to be the home of the oldest mummy in Egypt but, as soon as we were in, he knew we were in the wrong room.

"He just seemed to know where to go and he would pick up on what had happened in that room.

"And when we were in a room with a Pharaoh who was buried with his jester in the same tomb, Derek

immediately picked up on that. I don't understand how he does these things, it kept me riveted throughout.

"One time, he went running down some sand dunes and said he had found the tomb of Imhotep - he could be right but you would have to dig to find out.

"There were some very respected historians and experts there, including a man who is the head of the Valley of the Kings, who were blown away.

"The Egyptian academics didn't know who Derek Acorah was and didn't have any preconceptions about him.

"Almost all of the people with us were totally convinced and entranced by him. One was swooning at his ability and another was sure he'd contacted a Pharaoh.

"By the end of one day, when we were researching the tomb of Rameses III, the man from the Valley of the Kings was chasing our minibus aswe left and shouting that Derek was, 'for real, for real, and wanting to know more. It was incredible."

The new series, starting tonight on Living TV, is the most ambitious TV paranormal project undertaken by popular medium Acorah.

He and Tessa were filmed investigating all the famous and mysterious sites across Egypt, from the Valley of the Kings to the Great Pyramid, the desert of Armana, the Sphinx and the tomb of Tutankhamen.

With exclusive and unprecedented private access to the historic sites, the team were joined by Egyptologists, including Dr Zahi Hawas, the Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

They searched for the burial ground of the high priest turned god, Imhotep - who was portrayed as the villain in the recent blockbuster films The Mummy and The Mummy Returns - and also investigated some of the unsolved mysteries surrounding the legends of the pharaohs. …