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CAINER Dear Jonathan, My friend, who is very spiritual, constantlyrefers to the great change which is going to happen later this month when theEarth moves into the fourth dimension. I have not had a coherent explanation ofwhat that really means. Do you have any insights you can share? Freddie DearFreddie, They say we will enter the fifth dimension in 2012, so I suppose itmakes sense to visit the fourth first. At that rate, we'll be ready for thesixth in about 2017. Whether any of us will notice that these vital changeshave occurred, though, is a moot point..

THINK of all the other things you could be doing and all the other places youcould be.

Think about the other choices you might have made and the options that these,in turn, might have given rise to. Then, when you have really given yourself aking-size headache, stop thinking such thoughts. You are doing what you aredoing for a reason. The what ifs are all irrelevant. But if you continue to payattention to them, they will sap vital energy and prevent you from making themost of what is. Give me your date of birth and I will tell you somethingwonderful about your future. Call 0906 751 7777.

IT IS no wonder that you feel restless. Uranus has lately been forming aninfamously antagonistic alignment to Venus, the ruler of your sign. You feel asthough you just can't settle for anything as it stands. Take your impulsesseriously, but try not to act on them immediately. Hold back. Take your time.

Let the river flow under the bridge. You will stand a much better chance ofmaking the right move once you have travelled just a little further along thepath that seems so confusing. Give me your date of birth and I will tell yousomething wonderful about your future. Call 0906 751 7777.

THE benefits of an education last a lifetime. Once we have learned a skill,subject or trade, we are able to draw on that knowledge for evermore. It isnever long before we conveniently forget the effort it took us to attain ourqualification. While we are studying, though, it's a different story. To lastthe course takes diligence and dedication. The University of Life is preparingyou for an advanced diploma. This will open many doors and bring you manyrewards. But first, you must pass your exam. Give me your date of birth and Iwill tell you something wonderful about your future. Call 0906 751 7777.

THERE are some things in life you just can't beat. A broken drum, for example.Or a hard-boiled egg. You don't need to beat anyone or anything. You don't haveto be competitive; neither should you feel defensive.

You can see how puny potential attackers are.

And that, really, is what can't be beat: that sense of satisfaction, that moodof certainty. If you GEMINI May 22 - June 22 CANCER June 23 - July 23 ARIES Mar21 - Apr 20 TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 don't already feel sure that you are in theright place, at the right time, you will soon attain such a state of mind. Andyou will be right.

Give me your date of birth and I will tell you something wonderful about yourfuture.

Call 0906 751 7777.

SUDDENLY, it's all happening. But, then, that's always been the story of yourlife. When is there not a lot on your plate? At the moment, though, there's anadditional sense of urgency - an edge that's intense even by your standards.You are beginning to realise that an elusive objective might just be attainableafter all. You can see, though, that to make this happen you are going to haveto work hard and cover a lot of ground in a short time. You are excited andnervous at once. Don't be. Just be determined. Give me your date of birth and Iwill tell you something wonderful about your future. Call 0906 751 7777.

REMEMBER those magic eye posters that used to be everywhere? They seemed likean abstract pattern from a distance. But if you relaxed your retinas and putyour nose in the middle of the picture then shuffled slowly backwards whilesinging the National Anthem, you could suddenly make out a shape. …