New Book Tells the Story of Drift Boats

Article excerpt

Byline: The Register-Guard

Drift boats make thousands of miles of whitewater river in North America fishable, but the handy little river runners so familiar today have only been around for about four generations of anglers.

The story of the drift boat and its evolution is a local story, one that originated on the McKenzie and Rogue rivers.

It's a story that is told more comprehensively than ever in a new book by Roger Fletcher, "Drift Boats & River Dories: Their History, Design, Construction and Use."

Fletcher is a Dallas drift boat aficionado whose specialty has been construction of detailed scale models of early river boats such as "The Trapper," an early 12-foot McKenzie square-ender, the "Rapid Robert," a square-ender by Torkel Kaarhus, various versions of double-enders by Woodie Hindman and Bob Pritchett's classic Rogue River Dory.

His 304-page hardcover book includes just about everything there is to know about the drift boat and its cousin, the river dory, in a 9 1/4 " by 12 1/4 " format suitable for coffee table display. …