God Has No 'Colour'

Article excerpt

With reference to the article "A black theology of liberation is essential for a real African Renaissance" (September 14), liberation theology is derived from faulty hermeneutics (interpretation and understanding of the Bible).

The Living God of the Bible is neither black nor white. He is Spirit (John 4:24). Before Him, all men are equal, regardless of race, language, colour or position, which are all irrelevant to Him, since He looks at our hearts' attitudes, not our outward appearances.

Jesus Christ came to set us free from sin and its penalty, offering us not only reconciliation with Almighty God but eternal life. We receive this free gift when we trust in what Jesus did on our behalf on the cross when he paid the penalty for our sins, and when we allow him to be Lord of our lives.

The Jews were under the dominion of the Roman Empire when Jesus walked upon this earth. Many Jews believed that the Messiah would liberate them from Roman oppression, but Jesus said: "My kingdom is not of this world. …